Types of Wigs by Cap Construction.


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Monofilament wigs (or 'Mono Top') are made of a fine poly-silk mesh transparent material which fibers are hand tied to this thin breathable fabric. This construction creates an illusion that the hair really grows from the scalp. The monofilament section of the cap (crown/top, part or full) can be parted in any direction. Monofilament wigs are light-weight due to the thin breathable fabric and is softer to the touch than regular wigs. There are a wide variety of styles available for this special cap construction. Plus the wigs are specially designed for those with moderate to severe hair loss but can be worn by anyone.


MONOFILAMENT WIG allows multi-directional parting while providing the appearance of natural growth.


Double Monofilament Top:
Since the knots where the fibers / hair are individually tied into the cap of a mono-top wig may cause irritation, the double monofilament top wig has an extra layer of monofilament to protect people with sensitive scalps.